When have you made an ass of yourself on Derpibooru?

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That is admittedly a concealed feeling everytime I open my mouth, and derpi not allowing the removal of own comments is like a curse to me
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Well stressed, friend!
Using autism as an insult when i made this account back when ponibooru died.

Before that, calling everyone a faggot while being anon.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I probably have been an ass on more than one occasion. I guess it'd just be any time I'm feeling pissed off or braindead, really. I feel like I've been getting better, though. Opinions of others I don't agree with don't rub me the wrong way as much any more, and I feel like I'm more patient with any general dumbness, assness, and dumbassness around me.
I don't think I've ignited any negative 'adventures in the comments' to my knowledge — if I have, it would be long after I moved past the image it would be on.
And personally for me, I've found that calling others stupid or somehow judging my own actions better than others, is a pretty assy thing to do in and of itself — but that's just me.


thats because those are merged dupes.

you see when a dupe occurs someone points it out and punts a link to the pic in the comments, once a picture is merged both links are put into one.
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