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Eh that was just because SU and AT and RWBY were the only shows carrying it at the time, the other great shows of the dacade had all ended like Korra or become trash like FIM,

Also reminder that RWBY looks allot nicer now in the Maya engine than it did back when they were using Poser

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So, in the matter of two days I finished season 1 of The Dragon Prince. I just finished the last episode of season 1 5 minutes ago.

The show is so addictive I watched 5 episodes in a row. The last time I binge watched a series was Spice and Wolf season 2.

The Dragon Prince is amazing. It is extremely addictive. I've been really impressed with the series so far. Rarely has there been a show where I've been "Screw going to sleep. I have to watch another episode." The Dragon Prince is one of those series.
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New cartoon by Vogel:

Ah, so that's what he was doing.

Seriously, I saw very little from Vogel over the last couple of years, which confused me as I really like his work. Definitely looking out for that.
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Does anyone remember the original version of SpongeBob's Best Day Ever? When the official Website came out for the first movie they had the soundtrack available for purchase and the Best Day Ever could be listen to in full. But upon buying the album a slightly different version was played.
I'm just wondering cause I can't find that original version anywhere; the website for the first movie is no longer active and good lord is there way to many videos of the album version on YouTube and other sites.
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When it comes to MLP, I have a very very VERY strange relationship with Vogel. Aside of a couple of exceptions I LOVED all of his MLP episodes. Normally, that would make him at the top of my favorite writers, even above Larson. However… this is the thing: one of the two episodes he made that I didn't love was…. my most hated episode in the entire series (If you're wondering it's To Where and Back Again, the S6 finale), episode that I hated almost to the point that I almost rage quitted the whole series because of it back then.

So basically, my favorite writer of the series also wrote one of the episodes that broke me the most in my entire life. Those are quite contrasting feelings there…
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No offense, but are you the same Anon' that says he only hates that episode, just because the Mane 6 weren't the only focus on it, and kept fear-mongering over the series finale "might not let the Mane 6 save the day?"

Honestly, no offense, but that'd be like losing faith in the series, just because Spike saves the day once instead, or is the general focus.
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