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@northern haste  
This nod to the Sonic movie design controversy and the improved redesign is the reason why this episode isn’t included on Disney Plus? Has Disney stated WHY?
Oh man, that really has me scared. I’m surprised Adult Swim hasn’t made its own independent channel yet.
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Background Pony #5B8E
They have in Canada, but the schedule there is bare, i know they’ll include more shows, though.
I do have a feeling that CN might give Adult swim independence if they decide to go 24 hours again.
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I just saw the “Mother Simpson” episode of The Simpsons, and I feel heartbroken inside.
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Background Pony #B319
Are you guys really dedicated to spending the rest of your life doing nothing but whine about Teen Titans Go?
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Well, there was a lot of instances where the TTG hate got too far, so yeah.  
Remember the Georgia fire? The TTG haters wanted the Cartoon Network to burn down.
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