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In a flashback, when Eda and Lilith were children, we saw a glimpse at Amity parents when they were children. It would seem she looks more like her mother, but has her father’s brown hair. full  
But that still leaves the question, why does Amity dye her hair that mint color?
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>Amphibia season ends Saturday  
>Still no release date for Owl House Season 2  
>No release date for The Ghost and Molly McGee
Fuck, man, the next few months are gonna be ROUGH for cartoon fans.
Oh, Rick and Morty Season 5 comes out in June, but I don’t give a shit about that show.
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Maybe because her mother wants her to have her hair color instead of her father’s so she can look more like her. They even go to the same magic track and have the same eye color so it could be that her mother doesn’t see amity as her own person just a version of herself that can achieve more in life then she can instead of just trying to pursuing what she wants herself.
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Why does The Owl House have a bigger fanbase than Amphibia, despite Amphibia being the better show?
Because IMO, Amphibia is the better show of the two, and it’s not particularly close.
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I haven’t gotten to the lesbian part yet. In fact,Luz was all into a dude at one point. Eda was implied to have had a couple boyfriends,wasn’t she?  
It’s definitely not as overt with Lesbians as She-ra was.
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It’s been confirmed Luz is bisexual and Amity is “intended” to be a lesbian. On the topic of Eda, I personally think she wouldn’t care, so maybe she would be pansexual?
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Western cartoons priorities:
Is the animation ok? ❌  
Is the story coherent? ❌  
Is the plot relevant? ❌  
Are my fanfics canon? ☑️
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