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The whole thing looks really try-hard and self-important. No matter what attempt anyone makes, nobody is ever going to take something like He-Man seriously. Its only apparent point of relevance being memes is proof of that.
Also, I hate how all the girls look the exact same.
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I think the He-man fandom has been pretty accepting when it comes to memes. I’m totally expecting at least a few injokes in the new shows.  
As for all the women looking alike,well,they do all have the same body type.  
I’m not sure if it’s intentional,though. Not saying it’s good or bad,just that it was probably on purpose.
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Howdy 4 All
Hairstyle, skin color, and clothes. Oh, and Evil lyn’s eyeshadow. Basically, remove those things and they’d basically be the exact same model stretched/squashed slightly depending on the ‘character’.
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Soooo…. there are two good news and a bad news about The Owl House:
The first good news is that the S2 will have 21 eps, and will start next month. The second good news is that the show is getting a S3. The bad news is…. it will be the last one and will have only three 44 minutes episodes.
That’s right, not only the S3 of The Owl House will be the last one but also incredibly short compared to the other two seasons. And the worst thing is… it wasn’t decided by its creator: apparentely Disney ordered Dana Terrace to end the show like that, and Dana herself felt misplaced about it, to the point she had to leave Twitter for several months in order to focus on how to plan the entire thing, since she had to conclude the story in just 132 minutes of story. Disney really screwed things up bad this time, like if the Amphibia stuff wasn’t enough.
Like I said, I will conclude the rest of Amphibia and The Owl House and I’ll be done with them for good. No, you know what? I’ll be done with animation in general for good. If nobody cares anymore about doing quality works, then why should I. I guess I have to find something better in life… somehow…
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The thing is, with also Disney going down, I just don’t have anymore cartoon production company worthy of my support:
-Cartoon Network has become full of crap lately, and aside maybe Mao Mao there’s NOTHING worth of my time;  
-For Nickelodeon, like above, only 10 worse;  
-And then there’s Disney, that is making dirty all of the animated shows they have (first they cut Ducktales from four to three seasons, forcing the creators to compress the stuff they wanted to do in the last two seasons in one. Then there has been the whole Amphibia mess, and now they cut The Owl House and forced Dana to make the content of the whole third season in just 132 minutes of animation).
See? I do have my reason to be mad at the big producers of cartoons, and without them doing good stuff anymore, who is left? Netflix? At the moment the only worthy shows from them are Kid Cosmic and the upcoming Cuphead show. For the rest I don’t see anything. That’s why I’m saying I should just quit animation for good, it’s lost cause…
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