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Oh, the days of old.
Sad it lasted for 3 years.
I find it interesting though, that during December 2012, they swapped Yu-gi-oh and Yu-gi-oh Zexal’s timeslots. (Yu-gi-oh was at 11:00 and Zexal was at 11:30).
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The Professor is now a complete controlative dickhead who only cared about the girls becuase they brought him fame and money (and the original cartoon was them being exploited in-universe into making it)
He also never made Chemical X and and stle the chemical from Mojo Jojo (who was his lab partner) and took credit for it
The girl keep talking about sex a lot and once leaked eachothers nudes online as a form of blackmail
Blossom killed Mojo Jojo and becuase of that an anti-PPG vigilante group rose to prominance
Here is a twitter thread showing off the alleged script in all it’s ’glory
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Sweet F.A.
What Ice said. Plus there’s queerbaiting with Buttercup, the dialogue mentions Elon Musk and “Post-Harambe,” Bubbles is a slut (as is every character—seriously, we don’t want to see the Powerpuff Girls bang)… It’s exactly as bad as you’d think a CW script would be.
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Sounds like the Winx Live action show.  
I wonder what’s wrong with making a superhero show that’s fun. It seems like so many are either trying too hard to be dark and edgy or for preschoolers.
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