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I’ve started watching the Adult Party Ren and Stimpy cartoon.  
I’ve never seen a cartoon try so obviously to pad itself out,except maybe Family Guy.  
If it were edited down to like five minutes per episode it might have been stronger. As it is,I do love ke it a little better than the later Episodes of the series.
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Unrelated, but i wonder what would’ve happened if Saban Entertainment was acquired by 4Kids and not Disney.
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@Dex Stewart  
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight was actually handled by a different company (Adness entertainment).  
So, doubtful, but intersting. Unless it’s cause Toei (who also did Dragon Knight) owns Kamen Rider and Power Rangers?  
If so, cool.
Bad parts?
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What if Vortexx was a 24/7 channel in addition to a Saturday Morning block?  
What programs would air?
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  1. True, They programmed it, but Tori and Adness were behind the english version.
  2. And probably expand to include:  
    My Little Pony (G1/G4/G5)  
    Kamen Rider  
    The Batman (2004)  
    Yu-Gi-Oh (OG/GX/5D’s/Zexal/Arc-V/VRAINS/Sevens)  
    And some syndicated cartoons.
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Howdy 4 All
Well, Steven Universe wasn’t based on Rebecca Sugar, but her brother, Steven Sugar.
And considering Steven Universe: Future, she has a twisted opinion of her brother.
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