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@Hali the Emoji girl
For Amphibia, I’m scared that Marcy will be irredeemable and not forgiven by her friends after being Darcy and after her actions that led Marcy, Anne and Sasha to end up in Amphibia.
Or worse, she’ll get killed off because she’s apparently the final villain and not King Andrias.
I know it’s a TV-Y7 show, but still.
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Well, killing her off would indeed be a little… But doesn’t she rather wear the “I-am-the-victim-please-save-me” crown? I’m a little behind on the episodes, unfortunately. For personal (war in Europe) reasons.
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Nowadays I don’t follow Disney and Pixar anymore. I just feel none of the movies and shows are interesting to me anymore. I really find weird the artstyle of the later movie, I knew Pixar likes stylized characters but I never picked them as 3D beanmouths.
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@northern haste
I mean, is not inherently a bad look, but it’s true the style got used quite a lot of the time some people feel offput by it. Nonetheless, as far as I know, the story is still something I don’t really feel attracted to.
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Well, actually now that you say it I can see the remembrance. Not sure it translates well into 3D but it certainly have the similarities with the Toriyama style.
Still, I’m not interested in the story.
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@Lord WyrmSpawN
I mean realistically i bet you could program a bot to do his job, since it’s just find ways to complain about non strait white men being important, and try to piss off others so they get in trouble for calling him out,
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