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no cyborg,no.
For anyone curious, a loli mean a woman with a petite body. Character that fit this term would be Rebecca from Cyberpunk Edgerunner. Loli is commonly misused as for at term for a young girl due several factors.
It can also refer to a lolipop.
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Just go on to any booru site and search “Loli”. Something tells me, there’s gonna be a pattern. If feels as desperate as fan artists keeping the characters the exact same and just saying “Uh, yeah they’re 18! Really!!
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I dunno if it counts here but I was watching an old “Big Game” that aired on Cartoon Network in 2000, it was basically like the Super Bowl but it was mixed in with old cartoon clips (the one in particular I was watching was between Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner) with typical play-by-play commentary.
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