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Me too. Played on Pc using a keyboard and the only world I didn’t 100% was Cloud cuckooland. Still beat both of the Canary Mary races though.
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Universal was already angling for being the no. 2 animation powerhouse (behind Disney) for a while (with Illumination movies still doing big business and then their buyout of DreamWorks Animation back in 2016) but the Mario movie, should it do well, could cement that position for good.
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Yeah I was stuck on the Canary Mary Race for such a long time when I was a kid, I spent so much time jamming that damn A button. Still love the game no matter what though.
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I finished season 2 of The Owl House. Here are some general thoughts.
I enjoyed season 2 more than season 1. While the comedy was not as strong as the first season, I think the writing and storytelling was better.
It felt to me almost as if Luz was put on the backburner for a lot of episodes. Like season 2 spent more time fleshing out other characters like King and Hunter. I like that, honestly. It makes the world feel more interesting and expansive.
Really was a big fan of the Lilith and Hooty stuff. I think it did a good job humanizing both characters. It made Hooty more than just comedic relief, and it also made Lilith more endearing. I was also a big fan of making Lilith this librarian type.
The stuff with Hunter was excellent. Besides the Luz and Amity stuff, that was my favorite part of the season. Seeing him get redeemed I thought was written expertly. It didn’t feel forced or ham-fisted, it came natural. I was also a big fan of having Willow and Gus be the ones to help redeem him. I thought doing that also in turn made me like Gus and Willow more.
Speaking of Luz and Amity, that was the reason I wanted to check the show out in the first place. And yeah, it’s amazing. Seeing their relationship evolve throughout season 2 was a treat to watch Just like a lot of aspects, it feels believable and realistic.
I like the exploration of King’s character and how a huge part of season 2 was trying to find his father. I thought that was good character development. I liked King in season 1, but there were times where I felt he came across as annoying. I think season 2 kind of rectified that.
I think my favorite episode is probably the one with the flowers. Anytime a kid’s show covers the topic of death it can be a tricky subject, and I really am impressed with how the show tackled it. Of all the episodes, and especially as someone who’s father is also deceased, that was the one I came closest to crying.
I like the Eda Raine stuff, but I kinda feel like Eda was not focused as much this season. Eda is probably my favorite character in the whole show, and in my opinion had some of the funniest moments in season 1. I was kinda sad she didn’t have as many funny moments. I love the stuff with her and Raine, but to me, not deemphasizing Eda in season 2 was probably the one thing I didn’t like about season 2.
I like how the stuff with Amity’s parents were handled, and how Amity’s dad redeemed himself. The moment where Amity’s mother destroys her thing she uses to text Luz was probably the moment that broke my heart the most in the show. Had they actually shown the mom destroy it, I might have honestly shed some tears.
I still think Kikimora could become good. In fact, I’m hoping she does. Seeing her constantly putting faith into the wrong thing is sad to see. I truly hope she changes her ways. Then again, every time I see her I think of Taiga from Toradora who I love to death, so maybe I’m just being naively optimistic.
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Season 3 of Inside Job is gonna end with a race of hyper evolved dogs saving humanity from the Black Robes isn’t it?
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While Lisa Simpson may be seen as annoying in the US, she has the opposite effect in Japan due to her being a more positive role model for children.
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Someone here once said that they knew Zootopia was a Disney movie and not a Pixar movie because… I forget, something about tone or theme or whatever.
I should’ve responded with “The lack of a hopping lamp wasn’t what tipped you off?”.
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