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@Dex Stewart  
Sad but true. This was likely an executive mandate to cram as many WB properties in the movies as possible.
This strikes me as a movie where, as with 99% of the movies released in the late 2010s to 2020s, the director didn’t have very much creative freedom (and if current trends are showing anything, directors are about to get even less creative freedom over their films, sadly).
Also true. Still, feels a little tone-deaf.
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by the looks of it if the character is animated it will only use their modern design.  
I can see two classic versions of the Penguin and Jack Nicholson joker.  
But it looks like Mystery inc, blue Falcon and Captain Caveman are using the scoob models
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Disney, if you’re not gonna do anything with The Muppets, then at least give them to someone who will.
You’ve had 17 years to figure out what you want to do with the franchise.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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What the heck is the context for the scene on top?
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Nickelodeon is very impatient when it comes to new cartoons and how much ratings they can pull in. They expect immediate ultra high ratings because if those don’t come in, then why should they bother to continue advertising this show?
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I remember an episode of My Gym Partner’s a Monkey, where the former class clowns are reduced to telling their jokes to a bucket of fish heads in the parking lot.
I mean, yeah, that’s what happens in the world of comedy when people realize you’re a one-trick pony and get tired of your schtick.
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