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I'm wondering if I would like Revelation if the 2002 series didn't exist. I still wouldn't like that they call it a continuation and proceed to retcon a bunch of stuff,I'd still have problems with characterization,plot holes and slow as mud pacing… I guess it's not for me.
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Speaking of which, gonna continue my own journey of watching the show from start.

Ep2-That demon looks like something a certain artist i know would make, because he has made it. Several times even.

And oh wow, she just straight up ate him.
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I seen part 4 and 5 already; I forgot jojo isn't like other shows, it has a different cast each season so I didn't think about that clearly. What I meant was female characters that stay the whole series not just seasons.
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Wait, they're rebooting "Rescue Rangers?" I'm not sure if I should be happy, or worried about that.

What happened to their planned Darkwing reboot?
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