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The bit from “Ed, Edd ’n Eddy” where Edd uses reverse-psychology on Ed over NOT eating dirt never fails to make me giggle.
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Got a chance to see the Hilda movie over the weekend. I really enjoyed it. I especially liked how they delved into the troll mythos.
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The upcoming “Alice’s Wonderland Bakery” will feature descendants of the original Wonderland characters (excluding the Cheshire Cat, who’s ageless)
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I know Googie from Reluctant Werewolf best, remembering that made me want to Look up some fanart, and I found out Reluctant Werewolf has some impressive fanart.
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Herman is my favorite character in “Spidey and his Amazing Friends”.
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saw someone mention this on another site. They really show that? And how or why would someone be able to tell and she has to be wearing clothes too many questions
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After all this time the Cuphead show is finally coming out next month!
The animation looks so good and I do like the voices they gave to our boys, they do sound like how I imagined they would.
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