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Thanks to Turning Red, I now have a better appreciation for red pandas, Canada and Chinese culture/food.
I already liked that stuff, especially red pandas, because of “Aggresretsuko.”
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Saw the Amphibia series finale.
I’m gonna go out on a limb and call it the best finale to a Disney series we’ve gotten since Gravity Falls.
It’s good. It’s really damn good.
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Sasha/Aldrich: “What are you doing?!”
Anne/Andrias: “Something I should’ve done a long time ago: standing up to ***you!”***
I’m really glad we got that narrative parallel/echo. They truly are two sides of the same coin. Andrias is basically a version of Anne who had buried her heart underneath bitterness for so long, but he still never truly lost it, as much as he tried to push past it. That last “take care, kiddo” he told Marcy, after she told him “goodbye” was… touching to me. There’s nothing he could say or do to make up for what he did to her, and they know it, so wishing her the best without him, after everything he’d done, was the best thing he could do.
Really is unexpectedly… nice how he basically pulled a Thanos with his arc end… and he’s completely content with it, chains wrapped around him as they may be. In a way, Leif and Barrel never left him.
I think Aldrich’s offer to Andrias was dubious at best, considering the whole “drop the moon” plan, and Darcy threatened him with “will never happen if you fail” one episode prior… even as Aldrich had the breakdown after that slimy offer failed, he specifically said “you could’ve been immortal,” not *“would’ve.”*
A good way to wrap things up
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Today marks the two year anniversary of Princesses of Power season 5 being released.This means it’s now been two years since Catra and Adora first kissed.
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Saw The Bad Guys tonight and it was pretty good. The characters were fun, and I loved how expressive and dynamic the artstyle was, especially with the Police Chief.
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A teaser trailer for a show people had forgotten about dropped…
main focus looks self-insert, lame excuse why… Basically a show about a character when it’s not even the character. This honestly looks more like a parody from Family guy or American dad. Same artstyle and writing.
You know; there can be something said about someone so narcissistic with this oblivious of low self-esteem they need to project and turn a fictional character into them in order to gain pseudo-popularity with this odd appropriation - and when the enviable disapproval happen, fall back on the tired tropes and denial.
Luca H.

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Is it weird that I’m planning to start watching all of “Amphibia” when the final episode hits Disney+?
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Faze Gabi
Just finished binge watching all of season one of centaurworld and it’s freaking fantastic; the show keeps getting better with each episode. I knew this show was going to be good when I first saw it; I just didn’t expect it to exceed my expectations like it did it’s such as an amazing show.
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