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Netflix has a new Strawberry Shortcake show: Berry in the Big City

I’ve watched a couple episodes and I think it’s pretty cute, and has similar vibes to Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls with it’s characters and animation.
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There’s a video of Green Lantern (John Stewart)’s best moments in Justice League Unlimited.
You might not know who Phil LaMarr is, but if you’ve watched cartoons, you’ve almost certainly heard his voice.
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Since Amphibia is basically confirmed to be a shared universe in both shows, it’s even more obvious than it already was how hollow the Core’s claims of being a god truly were, even aside from how obliterated it got by Anne, and the existence of a higher power established. The Collector would’ve effortlessly won in the same situation… and I’m not sure if that’s reassuring in the slightest.
I don’t think Belos/Philip is actually gone for good. It’s a damn weird detail to include that his slime would drip and stow away on Hunter, then have his slime show up in the credits with the door shutting if there isn’t supposed to be more to come of him.
Either way, he got fucking rekt, without debate, and it’s impossible to say that it wouldn’t have been a surefire end if it was so wished… we almost got a repeat of the tagging with the mains, so I’m not sure it was even vengeful in contrast to what he said about not being angry.
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just watched the bad guys.
it’s shorter then i thought, goes about a mile a minute. plot is on the predictable side, the big bad is just evil with no real motive
the characters are real fun tho. the animation is so fucking pretty and fluid and that fight scene in the jail is great. all the double crosses are fun
foxington and wolf are top tier cuties.
i’d love to see this cast in a tv show or something.
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Beavis and Butt-head trailer finally showed up.
I’m looking at it, and it looks like that smoothing option from SNES Emulators. Which I can’t tell if that was intentional, but it’s funny.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Just got back from the Bob’s Burger movie. It was good, basically an extended episode of the show but with a bit more fluent animation and a more epic kinda story for the Belchers. Plus this movie does do some interesting things like explain the origin story behind how Louise got her bunny ears and why she keeps them on all the time
as well as also have the movie’s main plot be centered around the crack on the sidewalk.
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