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Hollowfox The Worst
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Est. Late 2010s
But the fanbase ships Huntlow more than Huntmira all thanks to canon.
Heck, a shitload of fanart is proof.
And I would say something about the age difference and how people are fine with a 2 year age gap, but I would get sixed like last time.
Also, fanfiction and fanart will never fix anything. If they did, it could have been on an episode of the Owl House.
Hollowfox The Worst
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Est. Late 2010s
What do you mean so what?
I’m the only person who doesn’t want to change ships because canon said so. Canon is the only way to see ships and y’all don’t care?!
Huntmira is my OTP because they share the same age, and Dana dropped the ball. I don’t wanna make Hunter cheat on Emira with someone who is 2 years younger than her.
Also, I don’t hate Willow. I just don’t ship Huntlow.
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Oh, I’ve heard. But I have too much else going on and too many other shows to watch first. I’m already in the midst of Little Witch Academia (which, incidentally, I’ve heard that The Owl House is kind of the American version of), and I only just started watching Stranger Things with my family.
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