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asey is going to rule the entire Flyweight division with at least 3 KO wins; then, prolly at least a title shot in before 2022 ends.

Ciryl Gane needs to amp up his game plan against Ngannou, that man is no joke in terms of raw power. At least precision and quick thinking.
.............unless this fight could still happen because like I said earlier, UFC 270 still 3 weeks away, either of them could probably catch COVID because of the ongoing Omicron storm worldwide.

My boy Khamzat, hell yeah!! He is now the most promising fighter up my radar. With the way he carried, ragdolled, and SMESHED his latest opponent, he could at least grab at least a couple of wins against high ranked fighters in his division to move himself up to the big contenders. His next probable opponent would be Belal Muhammad. He is already getting owned by Khamzat in trash talking on Twitter, imagine what he could do to him personally. 😂👌
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