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MMA Thread (UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship, etc.)

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I saw a thread on a boxing forum I go to on who will take over as the next great Filipino fighter.
Forget about looking for another Pacquiao, it won’t happen. Pacquiao was a once in a lifetime talent.
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What do you think of Roy Jones Jr. winning a title at HW? I think it’s a great accomplishment. After all, he was the first fighter in a century to win titles at middleweight all the way to heavyweight. That said, there’s a reason Roy fought Ruiz instead of Lewis or even Byrd.
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Volkanovski is just straight up MADLAD. Hoooly shit. I swear to god I thought he was done for, but no. He slipped out of three sub attempts and went on to win the match. Man, that musta been depressing for Ortega.
Volks victory over Max Holloway back then was what made me a fan of him. NOW? I’m a bigger fan.
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Couple of changes in the card but that doesn’t matter which I’d wanna hype on. Lessons learned that I shouldn’t go trusting on a card of an event months away before it happen because of this.
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