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Yuri, always a fan of horror and deep, engaging stories, I see as a big Silent Hill fan. Possibly also games like Amnesia or Friday the 13th, where she can take control of the killer. Also, that machette! sigh… And of course, Tungulus, the deepest of plots.
She might like RPGs, especially older ones where she can read everything. Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, that kinda thing. Maybe also Metal Gear Rising. so much… cutting!

Before she was…awake, I think Monika would have been into things like Mario and maybe Sonic. Nothing too complex, just something to pass the time and have a little fun with. Maybe Phoenix Wright (if it plays how I think is does) could appeal to the former debate club member. After waking up, maybe stealth games, since sneaking up on a guard is a little like taking out her competition for the player by re-writing the other girls. Also she might subconsciously like Smash Bros.?

I think Sayori likes open-world games, except for the intros where she has to do something violent to learn the controls for it (she asks MC-kun to do those parts for her). I can see her sinking hours into one just by looking at some landmark, saying "oh, that's neat", wandering toward it and then finding something else that catches her attention. There's a lot of stuff to do, most of it brief and not too complicated, but not always stupid-easy, either. I see her enjoying Mario Kart and Splatoon. Or she's mostly a mobile gamer.
Maybe she hates Portal because she takes GlaDOS' insults personally.

Natsuki obviously lov-@Angrybrony
@Gay Space Raptor
natsuki would play cooking mama.

…dang it, i can't answer better than that. I'll say that she has an interest in JRPGs (for the aesthetic, if not for actually playing them), she has one Nintendogs-type game (any more would be too much to juggle) and she and Sayori have unknowingly visited one another's Animal Crossing towns. She might also like sandbox games since she can do and eat what she wants in them, and she can blow off some "stupid Yuri with her big, fancy words and her big, bouncy… rrrrr!" steam. Though maybe she prefers games like Bully and Spider-Man over the bloodier ones.
She'd like to be the type to buy games based on the manga she reads regardless of what kind of game it actually is, but she can't because, you know. her dad might find it.
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