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Yeah, but that's putting it lightly. Togashi really wanted to hammer down on that aspect by using a lot of contrasts, parallels and opposites.
Meruem and Gon had parellel but opposite trajectory for example. Meruem discarded his future to become as human as a mutant ant king could have been, and was content to die in relative peace, ignoring his mother's wishes. Gon discarded his future to become as monstrous as he could have been, and was ready to die in combat to avenge his father figure.

Meruem repeated himself multiple times at the end of his life, when he had no such patience before. Meruem begged and was ready to accept that something could be outside of his reach and refusing to take it with violence, when he would kill an innocent child because he was hungry or take anything at whim.

"May you find him (your true king), and if possible, I hope you could live on as a human." was his final word as King of Ant, as he abandoned his destiny in search for the blind girl so he could play board game (and finally die) with her.

He may just be a one-time villain but BOY is he a good one.
Edit: He didn't just become more sympathetic. Togashi probably made him main character at some point.
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