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General Anime Thread

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DotA is far superior to author’s word of god for critical discussion and audience interaction/interpretation both (i.e. imagine having to take every shitty tweet JK Rowling does about Harry Potter at face value)
It’s just less sentimental in cases like this, more or less, seems more harsh and corporate even though I’d argue it’s much more for the individual consumer’s benefit
Authorial Intent = Author says, so it is
DotA = individual interpretation/audience reaction comes before author’s claims/statements
I do side with the West over Japan on this one tbh, the freedom in how you can explore and interact with a given work far exceed the drawback of ending up with a series becoming a shell of itself after the OG isn’t working on it anymore
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I haven’t watched much anime (yet), but finished watching Violet Evergarden and the movie with it! Excited to see the new movie! :D
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Well, today’s episode of Zombieland Saga was pretty enjoyable. Maimai is super adorable and I like how she and Sakura kind of connected due to them both being fans of idol groups (Sakura being a fan of Iron Frill while Maimai is a fan of Franchouchou.
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Is there any sliver of hope the Berserk manga does a Familiar of Zero and reaches a conclusion despite the author’s demise? From what I’ve read, the author of Berserk was meticulous in mapping things out ahead of time.
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I honest to god wouldn’t know. I’ve heard that Eichiro Oda has the ending of One Piece meticulously planned out for release in case of his premature death, but that’s about it.
And even then, there’s no telling how well it would go.
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Okay, well, this is awkward. I mentioned in another server that I was going to skip watching one episode of LWA because I can’t do scenes of characters being humiliated in front of their entire class, as they always give me second-hand anxiety. Then one of the people there said that that was the entire series.
Now I don’t know if I want to keep watching.
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I think I’m experiencing Deja Vu with myself. Right now, I’m still really interested in Osamu Tezuka’s The Wonder 3/The Amazing 3 and I’m even learning awareness about the legendary manga artist’s body of work. Why does is this Deja Vu with myself? Because over a decade ago, I had a similar experience with Don Bluth’s work and being strangely nuts over one of his more lesser-known works. I feel I might have the same experience with The Wonder 3 & Tezuka because I’ll move onto another thing that will have me thinking about it for the next couple of months. At least I can respect another big name in anime and his influence on the medium.
Also I found this really cool collection of pics that showed what Tezuka’s characters would look like in a fighting game. Although I think the title “Symphony of the Blood” and the “game’s” interface design looks way too gothic and unfitting to represent Tezuka’s work, I do like how everyone was given bios and what their moves would be. They look like what my fictional game ideas would look like if I drew more and put some careful thoughts into what the game play would be like. But man, of all the times I wish I could read Japanese. :( If there’s any here that can, can I at least have a translation for The Wonder 3’s character card? Information about this would be a fun talking point with one of my other friends who is a big Capcom nut and see who would get if Capcom Vs Osamu Tezuka characters was a real fighting game.
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