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General Anime Thread

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@Virgil Stormblade  
the basic question to it would be how would a shonen hero actually be like in real life or something alan moore would do if he was a manga writer
Background Pony #44D1
thinking like alan moore its obvious that the world would be altered by characters like goku and naruto in the way characters like invincible man and nemo already do in his comic series LOEG

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OPM In a nutshell
Monster: Ha Ha Ha! I’m the most powerful in the universe! Nothing can st-
Saitama Literally punches their brains out
Saitama: You’re in my way.
He heads to the grocery store since there’s a sale
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So any of you guys watch Akame Ga Kill on Toonami last week.
I didn’t but I used to watch the anime till I found out that my favorite character died along with basically everyone else. and the same thing also happens in the manga but a more of the main cast are still alive.
Just a warning Akame Ga Kill is the darkest shounen manga/anime ever made and it kills off way too many characters.
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@Virgil Stormblade  
Yes a lot edgier and darker. In one chapter of the manga a girl being sold to slavers and she gets raped by a dog  
Not to mention that the anime is a bad adaptation since it skips the Wild Hunt arc and kills of characters who are currently living in the manga.
I honestly kind of like the setting but the way characters are killed off just ruins it.
Just to let you know how bad it gets Akame is the only member of Night Raid to survive the finale
I know right. I’m honestly sick of most edgy stuff in general since now and days everyone just wants to be as grimdark as possible instead of oh I don’t know? Telling a good/fun story.
I’m also kind of getting sick of “anyone can die” because I would rather have characters stay in the story and do things rather then get killed off for cheap shock value.
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Especially when it takes the fucking AoT route and kills off unimprtant no-name characters and tries to claim “LOOK WE’RE KILLING CHARACTERS! LOVE ME!” and leaves the entire cast filled with morons and douchebags.
Especially Levi.  
I fucking hate Levi.
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The problem with Akame Ga kill is that a lot of the characters who die are important characters with names. Unfortunately some of the characters who get killed off have cool power that could have been used for more fantastic fight scenes but nope gotta have that edge.
Honestly if the anime didn’t kill off any of the heroes I would like it a LOT more since it was edgy enough with all the rape and corruption in the empire.
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