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General Anime Thread


Professionally Depressed
Apparently the preview showing of the first two One Punch Man episodes will also be streamed on Nico. (Which means that we might be able to get some fansubs)

Professionally Depressed
If this is legit. (And I don’t know why it woudn’t be)
One Punch Man is going to start airing around the fourth of next month.
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have this cool idea inspired by a series written by alan moore basically it’s a series were very manga/anime series co-exists in the same world
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Take this despair!
>Demon Lord convinces Storm Dragon to guard the 100th floor of dungeon to attract tourists to his city.
I want to see what happens next.
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So other then Gundam I’ve been really interested in Space Adventurer Cobra Which is an adaptation of a Magna turn animation in the 80s.  
It stars the space pirate of the name after remember who he is after 3 years and reunites with his companion the Armoriod Lady on grand space adventure through the stars. He’s a man’s man whose very manly that all the ladies love. Also, don’t piss him off or everyone’s going to Hell in a body bag by His signature weapon hidden in his left arm  
The anime is a space noir, and Cobra has gotten a few games as well as another animation I’ve yet to dive into. Here’s the full list of episodes if anyone’s interested
Background Pony #884E
I’m writing a fanfiction about bleach characters orihime and rangiku starting a relationship
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