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General Anime Thread

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after reading alan moore’s LOEG I wander if you can put all manga/anime in one shared reality?
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Wouldn’t Logia-type Devil Fruit user be immune to Saitama’s punches? Because a Logia-type turns your body in to a particular element. Like Sand, Lava, Mud, or hell even LIGHT. So unless he wrapped his fist in Busoshoku Haki, which he cannot, his punches would be meaningless no matter how powerful they are.

Professionally Depressed
And that makes a difference how? He killed something that’s made up of an element. Logia users are made of an element. (Usually a physical one)
Besides, He’s too strong all around the board. Not just in punches. He could probably throw the fuckers into space if his punches don’t work.
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