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General Anime Thread

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One of my favorite things about Irresponsible Captain Tylor is that it features Jason.  
Straight from the Part 5 vhs cover.  
At one point,Jason is accused of hacking the ship to pieces with a chainsaw he carries around.
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I love blight and trash anyway. You sez it prior: it all subjective, mi amigo. You say it trash, and it prolly is, but there is no denying that I enjoy the dub better than the sub in many cases.
As an aside, I think the dub for Toradora might be better than the original
I feel the same way about Kill La Kill.
@Goku Black  
Dubs are a blight
Dubs are fine, as long as they’re handled well. Even Funimation started to get real good at dubbing around 2005 when they redubbed DBZ’s Saiyan Saga.
Exactly. If you don’t speak Japanese, you automatically assume all subs are “good” subs.
You don’t notice a good dub, however, unless it’s absolutely AMAZING (few remember the Japanese version of MHA’s iconic “PLUS ULTRA” scene, but everybody remembers the English version). You do, however, immediately notice a bad dub, or even just a mediocre dub. And that sticks in your mind, coloring your perception.
Its not that dubs are bad (well most them are bad anyway), but very concept of dub is wrong
How so?
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