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Gun Discussion

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Kel-Tec Sub2000 is not a pistol. It’s “pistol caliber”, meaning it shoots pistol ammo. But it’s a carbine/rifle.
Some rifles are categorized as pistols by US law, but I refuse to call them pistols just because they lack stocks.

Kinda funny how Shotgun is just its own category, as in these two aren’t really classified as different types of guns:
A Shotgun is a Shotgun, be it a Small Sized Shorty or a Long-Gun only having differing rates of fire and types of reloading.
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@Goku Black
I really don’t like the amount of data and metadata that companies and governments have about people. It’s disempowering and dangerous. Of course this applies to all aspects of life, not only guns.
> be a registered gun owner
> Russia invades your country
> you get executed just in case you wanted to start a resistance movement
Same for registered radio and perhaps even drone operators.

So if a Pistol being pretty lengthy makes it a Rifle then wouldn’t this thing classify as a Cannon?

What’s a situation where Dual Wielding Handguns would actually provide a great benefit/advantage?
And I do mean Handguns only since Dual SMG’s would be way too recoil heavy for anyone not in Juggernaut armor.
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Zipp is g5 BP
You can blame the NFA for that.
It doesn’t. If you need more dakka, get a gun that can provide more dakka, not a sidearm that’s ostensibly meant to be a backup gun. It reminds me of that stupid retort against 3D-printed guns: “They don’t last long enough!” If you need more than ten standard-capacity magazines worth of smooth operation (which most of the popular models like the FGC-9, Mod9, Cobra9, KF9, Plastikov, and Amigo Grande can easily manage), then a gun really isn’t the solution to whatever ails you.

Bullet is the term for standard Pistol and Rifle rounds:
Shells and Slugs are the terms for Shotgun ammo types:
Is there any type of non-explosive Firearm that doesn’t use any of these ammo types and has it’s own unique type of rounds and ammo types?
Aside from any kind of less/non-lethal firearm.
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Bullet is not a round. Bullet is a part of a round, the part that flies out of a barrel - a projectile. Same for slugs - they are projectiles and can be found inside shotgun shells. Usually people simply say “slug” instead of using long-winded phrases like “slug shell” or “shotgun shell with a slug in it”, but technically this is incorrect.
Aside from typical ammo with bullets, slugs and shot, there are “crossovers”. E.g. ratshot rounds for rifled firearms, or adapters which allow firing rifle/pistol rounds from shotguns.
More atypical ammo exists, but is rare. Examples include flechettes and sub-caliber SLAP rounds. Frangible rounds also exist, but they are more variants of bullets/slugs/shot rather than entirely new types of projectiles.
At the end of the day, all of them are pieces of metal fired from a barrel to make holes in things. If you exclude explosives and less/non-lethal ammo, there isn’t much variety.
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I wonder if that same dumb system would see this thing as a manual Mini-Gun:
No, because in US law, there is no concept of a minigun.
Holy shit, Gun Classification really is idiotic.
Fun fact: gun laws in other countries are also stupid, but each of them is stupid in its own way.
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I doubt that much. I mean, comparatively speaking when you put it next to an assault rifle or something heavier. It’s just a machine pistol, a pistol-caliber thing that shoots stuff fast, not like a battle rifle or something. What makes me wonder is how the gun can cycle if his fat belly is blocking the slide…
Oh wait, it’s like if he had the pistol just right to let the gun cycle. Ah, move on xD
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