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For all you guys who thought that bigger guns meant bigger virile members, here comes the Tac Sac
Because what’s the point of having the cock and balls of a bull moose if you can’t swing them around once in a while?
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On one hand, I’m laughing at Americans needing these long barrels to avoid NFA. On the other hand, I’m jealous of Americans being able to make their own guns.

These two and their never-ending beef fascinates me.
Games usually have the 47 as the better damage dealer while the 16 is super accurate over semi-long ranges.
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There are also bolt action shotguns, pump action rifles, lever action shotguns and rifles, revolver shotguns and rifles, etc.

The fudging monstrosity:
Is this some sort of weird auto-pistol or pest control gun?
Found it in some random ass thread and didn’t have much detail on what it is…

Of course it would be none other than the Soviets who used a gun in space:
Double Shotgun Barrels and Single Rifled Barrel Combo in a Pistol Frame.
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They took this drilling to space, but didn’t use it there. It was meant to be used on Earth to survive after landing in uninhabited areas.

Wonder why more Pistol Users don’t pair their handguns with mini-shields like this:
Could switch cover easier in a gunfight with some added protection that wouldn’t slow you down by much.
Fellas who don’t carry around Larger Firearms like Shotguns or Rifles would definitely get some usage out of this.
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The main advantage of handguns is size and thus portability. It follows that their main use is having them with you just in case. If you are taking such a shield with you, it means you are expecting a gunfight, so you might as well take a rifle instead.
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Magnums are not that different from regular handguns. Magnum rounds have more muzzle energy, but they also cause more recoil. For general use, non-magnum ammo is good enough. That’s because, as long as your bullets can penetrate, shot placement and speed matter more than some extra kinetic energy from magnums.
Rifles and shotguns still have more muzzle energy than magnum-firing handguns. For example, 5.56 fired from a rifle (20 inch barrel) still has more energy than .44 Magnum fired from a revolver (7.5 inch barrel). (Note that fudds whine how 5.56 is underpowered, meanwhile a .44 Magnum revolver used to be Dirty Harry’s “the most powerful handgun in the world”.) Additionally, rifle bullets typically penetrate better than pistol bullets due to their shape.
Rifle caliber pistols are gimmicks. (Unless you mean actual rifles that are only considered pistols by silly US gun laws. But for those, you would use both hands and preferably stocks, arm braces or other support. A shield would interfere.)
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Zipp is g5 BP
How to get less muzzle energy than a Glock 17 offers with a 2000* dollar turd
Point being, if you want more muzzle velocity, there is a hard-physics tradeoff with compactness, and is why PCCs make a lot more sense than meme-“pistols” that run on rifle rounds.
“B-But muh magnum, muh 357Sig, muh 10mm!” Sure, they’re theoretically more powerful, but then you’re trading a lot of usability for marginal performance improvements…which again, means that a PCC would do that better than a pistol. Like Shit_On_Wheels (of FMGC-01 fame) recently prototyped a Yeet-22 pistol that’s full-auto and despite it only running .22lr, you sure-as-shit wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that.
*(actually $3000, which he corrected later)
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