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As the comments section said, the Jedi thought this technique was too dishonorable, while the Sith thought killing someone this way made you cone across as weak
Essentially both sides kinda just silently agreed “dick move bro”
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Liam Neeson is saying that the Start Ears brand is being hurt by too many spin-offs.
And, yeah I completely agree. A new Start Wars coming out used to be a big deal. Even if the eventual product turned out to be mid it still was an experience. Not so much anymore, it’s almost all mid and almost all no longer an experience.
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2D love > 3D love
Apparently “Young Jedi Adventures” will take place centuries before the events of “The Phantom Menace”, so Yoda will be alive.
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Watching the new episode of Mando, and lol they brought up Dune
“What about Marshal Dune?”
“She posted cringe and was banished to the shadow realm.”
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