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Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post

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Me: Goes on Facebook to show you guys a poster for an upcoming cartoon.
Also me: Accidentally falls down the rabbit hole regarding an unrelated matter like the new M&M character.
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Morbius is on Netflix, and I just got done watching it because I’m hunkered down for the hurricane and have nothing better to do.
I was almost willing to give this stupid movie the benefit of the doubt… right up until the scene where Morby flies by riding the pressure wave in front of a subway train. That broke me. I was laughing for the duration of the scene. Ten, maybe twenty seconds. It was probably shorter than that, but it felt longer.
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💙Glass Sight's Chocopon💙
@Dirty Bit
Oh hey! Didn’t expect to hear his name mentioned around these parts anymore.
He chiefly seems to focus on Animal Crossing/Deltarune/FNF stuff these days as opposed to ponies, but that’s okay. His videos are still great and I’m happy he found a comfortable niche.
And I’m still grateful he lets me use Glass Sight in my work!
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