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Stupid stuff that comes to mind that we want to post

Background Pony #5157
In Spanish, it’s “Derecho”, and it both indicates a direction (Go right after the mall; ve derecho después de la tienda), but anticlimatically it also means straight (Go straight down this road; ve derecho por este camino)
So it’s entirely possible to say “Go straight down this road and then turn right until you see the 7/11 where Penguin Dragneel works” (Ve derecho por este camino y luego gira a la derecha hasta que veas el 7/11 donde trabaja Penguin Dragneel)
Even worse, it’s also a career, more specifically, laws. So if I said “Penguin Dragneel quiere estudiar derecho pero ni puede levantar un lápiz” it would mean (Penguin Dragneel wants to study laws but he can’t even lift a pencil)
Hopefully it doesn’t hit your pocket very much, that sounds like a hefty amount of money.
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Have a day
I was in a writing group earlier today and they didn’t realize I was with them until near the end when one of them asked me my name.
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I aim to misbehave
I was at a conference once, few years back presenting some research. There were a few luncheons and parties going in during it. The IO guys (industrial/organizational psych) had a pretty impressive bar setup in their little party area. I walked on in (I was very much not supposed to be there) I had finished 2 drinks, spoken to one of the most famous IO psychologists in US history, and engaged in a debate on hiring practices with a professor before they realized I wasn’t supposed to be there.
And that’s how I became an organizational scientist.
Penguin Dragneel
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Follow Your Heart
I remember hating how people would often confuse me for a girl when I was a kid.
Nowadays? I take it as a compliment. It actually makes me feel good about how I look.
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