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Is the only way to get more art of characters I like to change what characters I like?

More fake leak stuff:
-Hulu's next market is the United Kingdom, and it will launch there on October 23, 2027
-Hulu is vehement on launching in only one country per decade.

-A Squidward spinoff is undergoing consideration, but is not currently in active development.
-Has been secretly seeking out signs of pro-creator sub-industries forming and stamping them out.
-Plans to issue Valve a cease and desist over Source Filmmaker due to the above.
-Invader Zim revival. Will be lighter and softer, and in "Zim Babies" form.

-Has plans to repeal Australia's laws requiring worker unions.
-Has plans to repeal the 13th Amendment.

-Has plans to repeal the 13th Amendment.
-Four new Prime-exclusive shows in the works: "April Fools", "I Tricked You", "With This List", and "I'm Not Sorry".

-YouTube plans to remove adding to playlists (except for one's own videos) to fix an exploit with playlist functionality on childrens videos.
-Also, the site does indeed sometimes scramble on account subscription hashes to remove them randomly whenever that account receives an upload notification. This is to prove YT is a monopoly by making the service as awful as possible and not seeing a drop in users.
-Stadia negotiated for Half-Life 2 but it fell through.

-Has plans to repeal the 13th Amendment.
-Warcraft 3 Reforged did not undergo any development during the 1.5 month delay. The delay was solely so JoshScorcher wouldn't put it on his list of Blizzard Fails.
-WC3R was indeed intended to be a snake oil scam through and through.
-Bobby Kotick is aware what he's doing is illegal, but he doesn't give a shit. Give him all your money.
-The Dryad quote was removed to not piss off SJWs.
-The Spell Breaker quote was removed due to Chinese law.
-Custom Campaigns were removed due to the new EULA basically meaning that Blizzard would be claiming to own fanfiction.

-In addition to the pass characters, Ninten and the protagonists of Nintendo's umcoming new IP Stellaradiance will be added in a free update, the latter will have a stage but the former will not. Ninten is a Ness echo, the only changes are to the hidden numbers. While not playable, Razputin Aquato(B), Arizona Cow(B), Hat Kid(B), Yooka & Laylee(B), Gordon Freeman(G), Master Chief(G), and Vault Boy(G) will be Mii costumes each with a music track. Mallow, Cacodemon, Cinderace, Steve?, Aiai, and BotW Zelda are also confirmed costumes, but won't have music. More Mii costumes are in development, as well. Fortress 2 Blue spirit event, will add tracks "The Profound" and "Be Higher" to the "Other" category. Other spirit events will be Tales of, Klonoa, Rayman, Worms, Creatures, Team Fortress 2, Fallout, Rune Factory, Kororinpa, Elebits, and Vandal Hearts.
-Nintendo's new IP will be called Stellaradiance, and stars a human girl named April and a unicorn named Fuuruzu (English name pending) travelling the stars. Gameplay is similar to Ico, but with a twist.
-Paper Mario 64 and TTYD remakes packaged as a 2-in-1 game. 64 will have mechanical updates to match TTYD, the Power Plus P will be from the letter chain, the Happy Heart P will replace the Runaway Pay badge, the three HP Plus P badges will replace the three spinning related badges due to the ability's removal, the Defend Plus P badge will replace one Defend Plus (Undecided), and the Charge P badge will replace the Group Focus badge. The Mysterious Sack (Inventory expansion) will be rewarded by defeating Kent C. Koopa. TTYD will have no mechanical changes except for relegating Super Guards to a badge. The badge in question is obtained from Ishnail for paying him the 64 coins for info, or can be bought later in the same place. The P counterpart's location is currently unknown. The Glitz Pit Comeback now has Swoop as the champion, and he's the toughest boss in the game. Beating him rewards you with the Return Postage P badge. Backtracking has been reduced, the path to Creepy Steeple is shorter and now requires less backtracking, but going
around is still required. Also, more random letters are removed when Doopliss asks for his name, including the capital P. The section with Frankie in Keelhaul Key is now handled via Email, and has you control Pa-Patch. The 100 "I love you"s has been reduced to skip 8 through 93. General White's chase now consists of only Petalburg, Glitzville, and one of either Keelhaul Key or the Great Boggly Tree before returning to Petalburg to find him asleep. Lastly, Poison Mushrooms can be used to poison enemies; Clefts, Dragons and the Shadow Queen are immune.
-New Pokemon: Vwine, Vinitis and Grapex (Grass-type, based on grapevines); Enormouse (Normal/Poison type, a radioactive mouse); Catpillar, Catcoon and Catterfly (Normal/Bug for first two, the latter has two forms that it swaps between whenever it's sent out like a superposition, Alive form is Bug/Flying and Dead form is Ghost/Fairy. It's based on Schrödinger's Cat crossed with the Butterfly Effect); Frogripe and Amphibinoy (Water/Dark, frogs with the latter taking inspiration from that Annoying Frog character); Fragpie and Magpyro (Fire/Flying magpies); Snowmel and Dromad (Ice/Rock igloo/snowglobe camels that were planned to be in X and Y); Littzard, Lizness and Leezer (Normal/Ghost lizards based on three stages of life, evolves at levels 18 and 65, also scrapped G6 mons); Unrare (Rock/Fairy unicorn resembling Butt Stallion, its cry is "Drapion" from Gen3); and Kangarude (Dark/Fighting kangaroo).
-New Zelda is called Breath of Dark Yawn. The Hookshot will feature prominently. There will be 7 main dungeons. Zelda will be playable sometimes.
-New Donkey Kong game in development. Nothing known about it.
-Metroid Prime 4 E3 was just another title tease, it will be at the Game Awards.
-Star Fox Adventures reboot in the works. Krystal will feature much more prominently, as in the original Dinosaur Planet.
-Animal Crossing DLC will include the Minigame fruits from New Leaf as part of a larger pack.
-Pokemon Channel 2. Why, just why?
-Pikmin 3 Deluxe on Switch. Will be a Ziplash/Banana Blitz HD situation. Hey Pikmin was Pikmin 4, the actual Pikmin 4 was never in development.
-Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon (remake) is being considered, if greenlit will be the final first-party game on the Switch. Only change proposed is renaming the Boo in B-1 to Booigi as in the Japanese version.
-A secret project codenamed "Nintenspore" is in the works, nothing is known about it except being a Nintendo crossover with Spore-style stage progression.
-There will be a Mario & Sonic RPG crossover. It will be a more typical RPG than most other Mario RPGs, but will still heavily feature action commands. 12 playable characters; Mario side has Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Toadette, and Rosalina; Sonic side has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Blaze.
-A new crossover in RPG form, unlike Smash this will be a one-off. Features all franchises that saw a new game released on 3DS, Wii U or Switch with the addition of Earthbound; Earthbound and Animal Crossing will have different roles compared to the other franchises. The only other franchises to appear will be Excitebike (as a summon), Ice Climber (as a location), Clu Clu Land (Uniras), and Golden Sun (Most enemies and some items, no locations or characters). Captain Falcon could make an appearance, though it's not final.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I’m Dirty Dan
If all the Reddit videos I’ve seen are accurate, it seems the best way to sniff out if a person is part of a cult is the tell them a joke and watch their reaction. Zealots of all stripes seem to lack any sense of humor.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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More fake leak:

-Next major Windows 10 update will introduce a new feature to Excel that will allow calculating formulae in Babylonian numbers, but it has been delayed due to a bug where adding 2 and 2 in Arabic numerals returns 🐟.
-Next version of Windows is called Windows 20, it will deprecate 32-bit programs, CD drives, Windows Media Player, DirectX 9 and older, and most games older than Ark: Survival Evolved unless they specifically update.
-Plans to buy out Playtonic.
-New Banjo-Kazooie game is in the works and set to be released in mid 2024. The current plans are for 10 worlds, one of which will be Easter themed and another of which will be post-apocalyptic and feature cat-people. Yet another one will resemble Glimwood Tangle. The main hub world is a construction site, as Jiggies are used to unlock progress the building becomes progressively more complete. Worlds are semi-sandboxes akin to Super Mario Odyssey.

-Sony will never be at E3 ever again.
-No LittleBigPlanet 4 is planned due to negative connotations with the number in Japan. And Dreams renders it redundant anyway.
-Someone was fired for installing a potted plant.
-Playstation All-Stars sequel has been pitched, but not yet approved.

-The Sims 5 is planned for ~2024, but it's still in the whiteboard phase and nothing is concrete so far except it will contain some form of premium currency with uncapped spending. No lootboxes yet, surprisingly.
-The next TS4 expansion will be called "The Sims 4: Making Money", it will be themed around capitalism, parks and April Fools Day and will introduce items like pine needles (The Sorrowful Scions will return from TS2 NL), additional pool ladders, and My Little Pony plushies. Also, EA now owns Spur, who is the MLP knockoff's mascot.
-Burglars were removed from TS4 due to a combination of being too much cost for too little profit and the fact burglary is largely unheard of outside the United States and Melbourne (and in fiction).
-Details of the second SC4 expansion were found. It would have focused on world cities, allowed for regions to be in different biomes or even the southern hemisphere (existing regions would default to California), and would have added more highway interchanges, curved and diagonal streets, better zoning controls, dirt roads, trams (similar implementation to the NAM) and arcologies. It would also fix the PP/TE Lot crash (which was eventually fixed anyway). It was scrapped because it was "too artistic and not extortive enough" for the new CEO's "needs".
-The Simpsons Game's scrapped sequel was intended to include actual crossovers with Touhou, Star Fox and Wolfenstein. It's not hard to see why the game was canned.

-Metal Gear Survive Pachinko Machine.
-Vandal Hearts remaster as PS5 launch title. That game is also getting a pachinko machine.
-Plans to ultimately acquire Kojima Productions and their IP, while ousting Kojima, though this is very long-term.

-Breath of Fire collection.
-Resident Evil 4 Remake.
-Okami Sequel.
-Street Fighter X Fatal Fury crossover game, has connections to Brawlhalla and Tekken.

-10 new Assassin's Creed games, 10 new Far Cry games, 10 new Just Dance Games, 5 new Watch_Dogs games, 3 new Tom Clancy games, 3 new Rabbids games and 2 new Rayman games (one 2D and one 3D) are planned to launch between 2021 and 2030.

-They plan to finally address the cheating and VAC problems in Counter Strike.
-Another TF2 map in the works, this one is cyberpunk themed.
-Half-Life 3 is in development, the deadline is June 2030.
-Left 4 Dead 3 is in development. No further info.
-Currencies to be added in the near future: Vietnamese Dong, Sierra Leone Leone, Zimbabwe Dollar, Hylian Rupee, Equestrian Bit.

-Directive is to bankrupt Valve and destroy Steam at any cost.
-Fortress 3 Yellow, The Outer Worlds 2, Rune Factory 5, Psychonauts 2, Jazz Hands, Makin' Bacon, and Zen Garden Simulator are Epic Store exclusives.
-Current plans to add a shopping cart are just a facade. No such feature is actually in the works. Why? Same reason YouTube deletes subscriptions.

Team Shanghai Alice
-Extra Stage boss of the next Touhou game will me a unicorn named Scarlet Gilmore, who has the ability to change, copy or suppress the abilities of others.

Harry Potter
-9th book in the works, called "Harry Potter and the Journey to the Southern Bridge". One chapter takes place during April Fools. Another mentions "a portrait of what looked like a large pile of ash".
-Satellites to be involved in some way.
-Hogwarts is in Rutland, the lake near it is Eye Brook Reservoir just outside the county.
-The Ministry Offices are "45 Harruxborks Blick from Twycross".
-Godric Gryffindor was aromantic pansexual, Helga Hufflepuff was originally a houyhnhnm, Rowena Ravenclaw was a futanari, and Salazar Slytherin had Marfan Syndrome.

-Barbie will be getting ponies again.
-New Scooby Doo toy line.
-He-Man to be revived.
-Plans to sue Namco.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The big one:
-As mentioned above, Spur's likeness is now owned by EA.
-Pony life IS G5. The show proper will be 2D-animated, have dialogue, and be in 11-minute episodes, but the shorts are representative of what the show will be like.
-Returning to PL/G5: The Mane 6, Spike, Starlight, Trixie, Celestia, Luna, Flurry Heart, Sandbar, Sunburst, Luster Dawn, Cheese Sandwich, Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Cheerilee, Sugar Belle, and Maud Pie.
-IDW's Season 10 info: Certain episodes, namely S9 second half eps not directly connected to the finale, are non-canon and will not be in S10.
-Lemon Honey will feature in Season 10, namely issue #94. She won't be named, but she's the announcer for a Goof-off contest.
-Fret not, the upcoming movie is G6, the whole generation will be CGI, and it will be aimed at bronies. It will be set in a world resembling a cross between Star Trek and High Level, and feature the same returning characters as Pony Life. The subtitle is "Collision of the Worlds".
-Ocellus will get her own mini-series.
-Over the next few years we'll be seeing more MLP rash guards for all ages and genders. Boys get Sandbar exclusively (Men get a larger variety)
-Luna's Season 1 design will be reused for a secondary character in the comics (though said character will be a normally-proportioned earth pony stallion)
-Season 9 will NEVER come to Netflix. The reason? Too many leaks.
-Bethesda will be developing a MTG RPG, starting once Starfield is released. Blocks used will be Lorwyn to Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
-Also, Id will be developing a Transformers game.
-Bethesda will not be touching MLP, though. So no Fallout Equestria.
-Some say Hasbro will be teaming up with Nintendo for something, but this is inconsistent withing the company.
-Some of Nintendo's sources say they'll be teaming up with Invader Zim instead, and Hasbro is actually planning to do a My Little Pony x Banjo-Kazooie crossover.
-Explains Glimwood Tangle being in the new Banjo game. Wait, that's Pokemon.
-Eggman has a cameo in MLP #92, on a poster on the subscription cover.
-Derpy is officially named Muffins now, and Hasbro will be enforcing this on Derpibooru.
-Indian Summer is getting a T-shirt
-Sonic X MLP crossover from IDW sometime in 2022
-Babs Seed will get a spinoff, weirdly enough. It will be a oneshot comic arc about being a hairdresser in Manehattan. Unfortunately, no Manehattan CMC.
-Everything Old is New Again will be a retro-throwback fashion line like the ones we've been seeing a lot lately.
-Swimsuits will be included.
-The Hello Pinkie Pie series will run alongside G5 and G6 up to mid-2022
-Princess Luna will be getting a major redesign in G6
-Oberon is a new G6 character and the Season 1 antagonist, nothing else is known at the moment.
-No, we will not be seeing Spur, Biscuit or Bloofy in MLP Mobile
-Yes, G6 will be much darker, on about the level of Why Am I Crying? or The Pieces Lie Where They Fell according to Slitherpon.
-Discord will be returning to both G5 and G6 in their second seasons
-Re-oriented Ponies will be a oneshot 1-season, 30 episode series released in 2024, featuring ponies as anthros. It has a main story arc in which the Mane 6 must defeat Cozy Glow.
-A game called My Little Pony: Dual Rainbow Legend had been planned, but was too artistic and not monetizable enough for any publishers.
-Windy Whistles is planned to return in G7 as the main character.
-Monopoly versions upcoming: Team Fortress 2, Fortress 2 Blue, The Vampire Diaries, Pokemon Channel 2 (Why, just why?), Psychonauts, Disgaea, Dr. Doctor, The Sims 4, Creatures, and Rayman. Disgaea's transit stations are the Item World.
-On the subject of Monopoly, Hasbro is concerned about Nintendo's plans to cash in on their MLP-show monopoly
-Re-oriented Ponies will be animated by Panther Productions
-Everything here seems really chaotic, right? Well, you could blame Discord, but it seems Hasbro is just trying to keep the momentum going.
-Sparkleworks will be returning in Re-oriented Ponies. Her role is currently unknown. She has the biggest breasts of all the characters, though, so that's something.
-Princess Uterus is another new G6 character. Nothing is known at this time.
-Underhoof is a new G6 character, and is a punk rocker. She's also quite large, like the size of Pinkie Pie when she takes the bell.
-Reflections, Siege, and non-canon S9 episodes are to be scrubbed from the continuity entirely.
-A side series not tied to either generation will be made. It resembles Jay Fosgitt’s and Darkdoomer’s artstyles meshed, but with the movie ear style. Mane cast is Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Starlight Glimmer, Scootaloo and Cheerilee, all completely different from their current incarnations except for species, though Cheerilee is a pegasus and AJ is still southern. Mane city is Appleloosa. The focus is on a magic school like Hogwarts, with Starlight as the main protagonist. Princess Luna is the headmaster. Spike is there too, as Luna’s assistant, this time voiced by Peter New. Other students of note include Diamond Tiara, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Moondancer, Sunburst, Jet Set, Berry Pinch/Ruby Pinch, Tender Taps, Pinny Lane, Plaid Stripes (the beta bitch), and Flurry Heart (the alpha bitch). Rainbow Dash is the school groundskeeper, and has a pet griffon named Gabby. Teachers include Twilight Sparkle (Magic), Sunset Shimmer (Gym), Starsong (Music), Toola Roola (Art) Chipcutter (woodshop) and Spoiled Milk (Home Economics).
-Relating to the above there will be merchandise. There will also be G3 throwback merchandise.
-The only people outside of Hasbro, Allspark and Boulder to return to G5 and G6 are Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain, Cathy Weseluck, Nicole Oliver, Kathleen Barr, Rebecca Husain, Weird Al Yankovic, G.M. Berrow, Maurice LaMarche, Peter New, Chris Britton, Sam Vincent, Claire Corlett, Michelle Creber, Madeline Peters, Patton Oswalt, and Meghan McCarthy.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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