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I'll translate it for you:

"Now what?! Where is our 5k?!"
"Oh i'm sorry. This was another Dole."

However, the dolt still received his demand from the wrong person.

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@Count Adramélekh Sear
That's surprisingly sweet (pun intended) and kind of Dole to do that. I guess they considered it some good free advertising. Reminds me of how Wendy's operates on social media. They turned it into a lovely little humanitarian gesture and you can't buy that kind of free marketing. For those too lazy to do the conversion btw, that was about $212USD worth of Dole products.
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Still the Worst
If you guys have seen Konosuba, then answer me this:

Was Megumin another person who, like Kazuma, isekai'd into another world? Because Megumi is a Japanese name and not a British/Medieval/etc. kind of name and she might have come from Japan or something.
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