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My MultiVersus trophies:
  1. Matchmaker: Play 1 match-made game.
  2. Credit Where It’s Due: Give out 5 Toasts to other players.
  3. Nice Speech: Give out 10 Toasts to other players.
  4. Stepping Out: Win 10 match-made games.
  5. Aerial Specialist: Get 10 ringouts using the top of the blast zone.
  6. Rightie Specialist: Get 10 ringouts using the right side of the blast zone.
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Hollow and Cold
A comic from the viewpoint of a victim of a cult(the boring, real-life, manipulative type), where he goes to an afterlife and finds out it was all true, reuniting with an old friend he followed into it with the aim of getting him out that died early.
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At this point with the Stranger Things fandom becoming… strange. I wish there was a romantic movie or miniseries starring either Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard or Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton as a couple who love each other, and with better writing than whatever the Duffer Bros. did just to make Mileven and Jancy look bad.
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I need coffie
This random thought is for a farming game I world build for fun. I’m taking the tracker mod from Stardew valley and beefing it up with advanced versions of the tools coming out of it
  • Hoe = Rototiller
  • Pickax = Jackhammer
  • Axe = Chainsaw
  • Watering can = sprinkler?
  • Scythe = Lawnmower
  • Auto fertilizer thing…
  • Fishing rod = salvage hook
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