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Pessimists are annoying. I don’t mean the people who are glass half-empty, I mean the ones who will call you delusional or an idiot for seeing it as half-full.
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I had a weird, wine induced dream that giant alien spider monsters invaded earth, and vampiricly fed on people by sticking them to their backs while still alive. At which point they would be wrapped in spiny tendrils and slowly drained of their blood, while being kept alive. And they called themselves “the Unclean”.
I am now going to turn that into a short story.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

birb bug horse
Aura sphere is a truly unique move to lucario and no other important pokemon learn it…. aside from mewtwo…. and dialga… and latias…. and keldeo…. and lopunny also apparently blaziken too.
Jade Kitsune
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If I ever did manage to pursue becoming a voice actor, I would most likely get stuck with roles that I would hate. Like… ugh, sidekicks.
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