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[bq="CaptainXtra"] How Democratic was the Confederacy?

It’s obvious that minorities were treated as slaves but how much freedom did the average non-slave citizen have?

Was Jefferson Davis an outright iron-fist Dictator or what?

Believe it or not but typing “were the Confederate States authoritarian” in Google doesn’t give anything informative. [/bq]

Zero. None. The only people with political power were people that owned slaves. I think you had to have a minimum. The confederacy was kind and gentle in fact that from the beginning it was rocked by bread riots because fuck the non-slave owning poor. The confederacy also ran into immediate problems with any region of the confederacy who was not plugged into the slave economy revolting against the revolt. The Free State of Jones is a pretty widely praised anti-confederate movement within the confederacy.

At the heart, the Confederate project was a Jeffersonian experiment of aristocratic planter power, placing the title of the free yeoman into the slave holder. Had none? Congratulations, you're conscripted into the army and paying a pretty penny for bread.

EDIT - If you want to go more, or to get a lead "Matt Christman did a vlog series where he held a book club": on Eric Forner's Reconstruction, which is a fairly comprehensive examination of Reconstruction. But in particular, in the linked video at least he immediately goes into the pre-Civil War and early Civil War conditions of the Confederate States, at least after a ironically bad rendition of Goober Peas. [/bq]
It was ran on feudalism then.

And people still have such fond memories of the CSA?
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