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There is a more reasonable option but they decide not to. Look it's no secret that both factions want to strike fear into the others. Ithis is an open secret. it's no longer "oh uh but I need to defend myself" it's already a matter of "imma beat the shit out of you." I mean, if you weigh these options:

death of hamas personnel but destruction of FUCKING HOSPITAL vs hamas escapes but hospital is running, and you decide "well, their problem. I just want Hamas dead" **then it's no longer self defense. it's intimidation, it's _*flexing._*

I'd RATHER Israel openly say in CNN or MSNBC or BBC _*flat out_* that "yeah fuck these guys they dirty anyway" because that's what Israel say in less public scenes, _*anyway._* Stop trying to do gather sympathy or play the antisemite card because it's getting _*boring._*
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