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The sooner Twitter goes down, the better. He’s planning on a mass reinstatement of troll accounts, including some of the worst of 4chan and 8chan. Of course, it’s likely that the leftist accounts he’s been personally suspending at various alt-right users’ request will stay banned.
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Man who could’ve guess that a fucking rump state that was carved out by an imperialist power wouldn’t be involved as many wars as a global power, geez
The legitimacy of the American air raids aside(there’s an argument the fire bombings and the atomic bombings were justified morally and legally), East Germany was a fucking rump state that suckled the cock and balls of the Soviet Union. Comparing East Germany to the Nazis or the US is like comparing a gang of meth addicts operating in butt fuck Nevada to the Mexican Cartel. It makes no sense to compare the two because they are so different in scale
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@Violet Rose in The Rain
Sensible centrism is:
Abolishing private property.
Nationalizing game journalism.
Invading the Sudetenland.
Mandatory Taco Tuesdays.
Exporting the undesirables to Mars.
Exporting the desirables to the opposite side of Mars.
Something with computers?
Tax cuts for the Sudetenland.
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I have no idea what point you are trying to make.
That it’s not a clear concept that most people agree on. There is something of a consensus regarding the core of the idea (AR and AK), but the borders of it are not agreed upon and everyone places their borders differently.
California law that you linked says that some pistols are assault weapons, AWB says that different pistols are. I have seen people claim that all semi-auto pistols are assault weapons. I have seen people claim that no pistols are assault weapons because only rifles can be assault weapons…
Any legislation will provide definitions just like the old one did.
A law will define those borders, but then another law will define different borders and then a newspaper or a think tank will define even different borders or not define them at all.
Jurisprudence will work out the wibbly parts over time.
But the definitions used in the laws are in NO WAY as screwing and confusing as a lot of people are trying to make it sound.
It’s not laws that are unclear. Typically each law is reasonably clear on its own. The idea is unclear.
If you don’t live in the United States, then where you live probably does it a different way.
Where I live, there is no concept of an “assault weapon”. Neither in the law, nor in public consciousness. As far as I know, this concept exists only in English. I guess it stems from the fact that someone translated “Sturmgewehr” as “assault rifle” and “assault” means not only soldiers storming enemy position, but also attacking someone on the street. In other languages, there is no such coincidence, so the vague concept of a “weapon for attacking innocent people on the street” did not appear.
In general, I see that US gun debate is “should a person own this gun”. The idea of “assault weapons” seems to be a product of this mindset. But in many other countries, the debate (if there even is one) is “should this person own a gun”. For example, EU “federal” law allows people to even own machine guns if they provide a reason (like collecting guns) and do not pose danger. (Many EU countries have stricter local laws, so only some countries actually allow machine guns, but the point still stands.)
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Another European here saying that for me there is no clear idea what an “assault weapon” is when I hear American politicians talking about restricting/banning assault weapons. I do have an impression that American public is no different and just hears “bad guns/fun guns” depending on the side of the divide. That campaigning to ban assault weapons is defines what the expected end result is extremely badly.
You can compare it with attempts to ban “dangerous breeds” of dogs I would say, except you cannot reengineer a dog around the borders of a ban the way you can reengineer a firearm.
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You can of course pass sweeping legislation like outlawing semi-automatic weapons in general, and that would undoubtedly cover practically everything in the widest definition of an “assault weapon” but for me it seem that it is extremely unlikely.

While most of the things called “assault weapons” should almost certainly not be in private possession, the whole conversation seems to mostly exist as a distraction from the fact that most gun deaths are caused by handguns.
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most of the people imprisoned during its existence were actually far-right extremists
[citation needed]
I mean it would probably be true if you consider opposing totalitarianism to be extreme. I suspect that your source did this kind of mental gymnastics.
not warmongers like the Nazis were
Whole Warsaw Pact was warmongering. Their entire military doctrine revolved around conquering the rest of Europe using tactical nuclear weapons and bajillions of tanks. They didn’t actually attack, but only because they didn’t think they could pull it off.
East Germany killed far less people than the USA and Nazi Germany
So you are saying that a machine of terror meant to scare people into submission was not that bad because it managed to terrify people into submission with relatively few murders?
You also seem to imply that terror is OK if it does not kill people. I disagree. Killing is not the only relevant metric for moral judgement. Consider for example this: - they covertly decayed people’s lives to destroy their mental capacity to fight for freedom.
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most gun deaths are caused by handguns
Not only “gun deaths” (majority of which are suicides which are harder to do with a long gun) but, if I remember correctly, even most mass shootings are done with handguns. And those done using handguns tend to be more deadly simply because pistol ammo is smaller and lighter, so attackers can carry more of it.
But of course it’s hard to ban guns that average Jane likes, so focus is on banning guns average Jane doesn’t like.
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You can survive bullets from a handgun much better than you can from an assault styled rifle. An Assault styled rifle carries more rounds than a handgun which means you don’t have to worry about reloading as often as you do with a handgun. So yeah these assault styled rifles serve little purpose.
If you want one so bad you can do the Swiss model. You can have a gun but you won’t be allowed to have bullets.
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@Princess Applejack
Don’t the Swiss have a market for loading their own?
Around here, everyone has a loading workbench. I mean, I grew up with those being the norm. How is it possible that just never happened in Switzerland?
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You can survive bullets from a handgun much better than you can from an assault styled rifle.
Yes, but it’s better to not get shot in the first place.
Assault styled rifle carries more rounds than a handgun
It’s not a property of the gun, but of the magazine. There are 30-, 60- and 100-round magazines available for both rifles and pistols. But the largest sizes are not popular because reloading is simply more convenient than a heavy, 100-round magazine, unless you are a machine gunner suppressing enemy soldiers in their trenches. For pistols, another factor is that typically people don’t want their mags to protrude from the grip too much.
So yeah these assault styled rifles serve little purpose.
In practice they are mainly used for recreation and training, like most guns. They are also used for sport, hunting, home defense, and collection.
If you want one so bad you can do the Swiss model. You can have a gun but you won’t be allowed to have bullets.
You very much can have ammo in Switzerland. The misunderstanding is because the military stopped issuing ammo to reserve soldiers who keep guns in their homes. The reason was that some people were using the government-issued ammo (meant to be a wartime contingency) for recreation. So they don’t get it for free anymore, but they can still purchase ammo on their own.
And yes, I can get ARs and AKs where I live along with ammo. They are the most popular rifles among sport shooters and collectors. Most hunters are more traditional and prefer old timey rifles clad in wood.

I’m really glad that people see Shotguns in a better light than Pistols and Rifles but they’re not exactly immune to misuse by scumbags either.
It ain’t uncommon for them to be used in robberies:
This fake replica of a skull in the aftermath of a Shotgun blast shows that they are well capable of killing:
Believe me, this image is tame compared to what else I found in terms of Shotgun Wound images…
Granted, Shotguns are usually a defensive weapon that don’t have the fire rate of Semi-Rifles or heavier caliber Pistols but they still have one nasty punch of their own.
IMHO, Long Guns in general shouldn’t leave your house unless there’s some crisis type shit going on but Shotgun Owners do seem much more responsible than those of other gun types to me…
Also I’ll leave this here:
Duck - 100+ images under their artist tag

While a shotgun is capable of doing more damage, the fundamental difference between it and a handgun or rifle is that it requires the shooter to stop and reload constantly, thus allowing his would-be victims to react in time and therefore reducing the number of casualties.
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