Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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After the shooting in Colorado Springs and terrorists causing a power outage because of a drag show, LGBTQ people need to protest in huge numbers. Enough is enough.
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Milo has been kicked off the Kanye 2024 train.
Now we just gotta wait till Milo releases incriminating evidence on either Kanye or Nick…hopefully both. Mutually assured destruction!!!
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If you end up getting shot dead because you chose to participate in a shootout in accordance with your own free will, then you only have yourself to blame.
(That said, actual white supremacists actively firing at people with live ammunition should absolutely be dealt with in equal force by the police or non-extremist or non-radical vigalanties, but ONLY immediately if and when those WS fuckwits cross that line. No exceptions.)
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@Background Pony #5A6B
TL;DR don’t attack others but return fire. I thought it’s an obvious approach and I didn’t see Blitz say anything that would suggest they would take a different approach.
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Not if you go there with the sole intention to participate in a shootout that either wasn’t started by the side you’re not on, or decided to join the shootout voluntarily after arriving out of nowhere, at some point after it started.
Also, what exactly do you actually know about me, eh? Have we ever talked before?
Or is you assuming that I’m “right-wing” because I don’t seem to ideologically align with you from a surface-level perception a result of a cultural phenomenon that happens in France?
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actual white supremacists actively firing at people with live ammunition should absolutely be dealt with in equal force by the police
>trusting the cops that stood by and watch a school shooter go ham in Ulvade while arresting parents that tried to save their kids
>trusting the cops when a court ruled they have no obligation to protect people whatsoever
>trusting the cops when they decided to buy Burger King for a white mass shooter on the way into custody
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Pfft! I’m not the kind of guy to go looking for a fight. I don’t shoot first, but I’d much rather myself and my queer family have arms at hand for when others try to shoot at us.
Bunch of Proud Boy/Patriot Front/anti-LGBTQ pricks want to try to shut down queer events because Mommy Chaya tweeted about them? More and more of us are (finally) getting the message that the cops won’t protect us from these goons, and we’re getting in touch with our local John Brown Gun Clubs, who absolutely will.
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@Background Pony #5A6B
Where did I say you were right-wing? You wouldn’t defend the anti-gun position I advanced if you were, now would you?
Also I have no idea what “cultural phenomenon that happens in France” you’re alluding to, nor what that has to do with anything here.
From what you gave me, you appear to be fond of putting words in people’s mouths though. Reminds me of another background pony I knew. Be careful you don’t end up like him…
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putting words in people’s mouths
At a casual glance, I don’t see any examples of this. Please report what you’re talking about, and do not try to wrangle BPs.
If a BP is causing trouble in this containment thread, please just report it.
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