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Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy. (Politics General)

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Looks like the Lion of Damascus knocked out two more of his critics. First BoJo, and now the Japanese PM. Hell, Putin has outlasted BoJo, lol.
In all seriousness, the BoJo thing I totally get, since that seems to becoming the norm in anglo politics land, at least beyond Australia. Hell, it’s such a joke within Oceania that when John Key resigned (and was replaced by his brother, Allen, who is very good at putting together political cabinets), the joke both here in NZ and in Aus was “Australians confused by a prime minister leaving under his own volition, instead of being oustered by his own party like normal.” It’s why I consider banking on leader popularity in the bigger parties in parliamentary systems is a fool’s errand, because there’s no guarantee that they’ll get the boot either while PM, or in the run-up to the election (as what happened to our boys Jezza and Bernie).
Deterrence Dispensed called: it isn’t 3D-printed. It appears to be some Fallout 4-esq electrically-fired abomination shotgun. It doesn’t match any designs found in either The Gatalog (DetDisp), Weight-Forward Designs (Derwood, Mussy, et al), AWCY (Krawn, Scorpion simps), or Defence Distributed (the watering hole for all groups), even though it takes some design hints from some of the electronically fired shotgun designs.
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There’s is info on Shinzo Abe’s killer
TL;DR: Police in Japan has arrested a 41-year old suspect on suspicion of attempted murder (likely will bump that to murder) and seized a weapon, according to the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. The suspect (who I will not name) has worked for the Japanese Navy until 2005, and the gun in question is homemade; two metal barrels attached to a wooden board black tape.
Reminder to all that Japan has a very strict gun law.
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Republicans think JFK Jr. will come back from the dead and become Trump’s VP, that the COVID vaccine has microchips in it, that Democrats drain hormones from babies for power, and that Jewish space lasers cause wildfires.
There’s no reasoning with people who are batshit crazy.
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Monde de merde
Since JFK, there’s also been Luis Carrero Blanco (Prime Minister of Spain, who died from an ETA car bomb in 1973), Aldo Moro (Prime Minister of Italy, abducted and executed by the Red Brigades in 1978), Park Chung-hee (president of South Korea, shot by his security chief in 1979), Olof Palme (Prime Minister of Sweden, shot in the street in 1986), Yitzhak Rabin (Prime Minister of Israel, shot by an extremist who disagreed with the Oslo peace process in 1995), and I probably missed some.
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So Beer Brett was enjoying steak and protesters showed up at the place where he was enjoying his steak and he left thru the back alley.
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Well, by his own logic if he doesn’t want to be bothered at dinner he can just go to another state and have it there.
So Biden is now set to sign an executive order allowing access to abortion.
Whole lotta “vOtE bLuE nO mAtTeR wHo” apologists tried to tell me for years that he couldn’t do that.
They were wrong about something. Imagine that.
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Man I’m glad I don’t have diabetes. I’ve never had healthcare in my life.
I’m like a perfect specimen of a human being though, only stupid. There is no pill for stupid yet, or it would be worth a lot of money.
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