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Don'think ighly o'Sicily
Caught up in thinking about the alternate history time line where the man acting on behalf of the governor general of British Colombia in the 1840's or whenever in Honolulu says to King Kamehameha when he asks him what those weird white preachers are just off their shore, and instead of the Canadian man saying, "They're the same as us, same religion; different country. They're chill" he says: "Lmao fuck them they're American".

And so the seed of the Yankee sugar brahmin caste is sent home to Boston.

There is a direct line from there to the Kingdom of Hawaii being a party to the Canadian Acts of Confederation and joining whom they considered their peers under the protection of the British Empire in a grand new project. One which also messes up later American Pacific Aambition.

This is very fun to me
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