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Apparently, the most recent iOS update added a new feature to photos: it can detect if your gallery has multiple copies of the same image and lets you merge them together. I have to admit, that’ll be really helpful, since I have a lot of “items of interest” in my collection, and I’m not always diligent about checking if I already have something in my gallery.
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reformation is the best
random tech question, i have to use Microsoft edge now because crome is slow even of youtube for example if i want to watch a video while working on
an artwork on Krita or whatever the video stops and starts at times but with edge it works fine, how can i fix this with chrome and does anyone else have this problem even in crime when i go on google the search results shift to the right and i can’t get it back to center, i wonder why that happened?
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@Mellow Rhythm
In my experience as a person who made hamburgers: The machine that roasts the bread presses the bun so that it does not escape(sometimes gets stuck)And one stupid thing they ask you to do is wrap the burger without touching it too much…Yea, I don’t think it works, In addition, the bread suppliers do not handle them delicately either.
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Does anyone else have a habit of answering rhetorical questions?
That wasn’t rhetorical, I’m hoping I’m not the only one who gets scolded for doing so.
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