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Cool Spook
I miss Age of Empires: The Age of Kings. Sadly, it's too buggy to play (literally a bug that makes the map unplayable and softlocks said map).

To quote the Wikipedia page:

> Some players have experienced technical issues which can impair gameplay or damage the data on the cartridge. The game data can become corrupted during a save and quit operation, preventing the cartridge from booting afterwards. A term for this is called a "bricked cartridge". The game may sometimes freeze in a battle involving scorpion units and after the end of a mission. Majesco released claims that they were investigating the issue but no official solution or replacements have ever become available, only workarounds.
> Majesco has determined that using a short profile name (two to three characters in length) may be causing some issues and has suggested users change their profile name to at least four characters as a temporary workaround. Majesco eventually began inserting a slip of paper into all copies of The Age of Kings they produced, which warned users of the problem and provided the workaround.
> Also the "Longswordsman" unit, when selected, doesn't display a "unit name".
> Due to financial difficulties, Majesco has restructured their website and removed their forums. The original information regarding the technical issues is no longer directly available. However, the glitches are mentioned in a review from "The game also has a number of bugs that freeze the game up during battles or when you save."[4]
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