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I just had a hilariously dark moment happen while watching a longplay of Resident Evil Village (spoiler alert, obviously):
Early on in the game, Ethan helps Elena and her dad get into Luiza’s house, for safety, only for the dad to turn feral and kill all but Elena and Ethan. The two manage to get away from him, but Elena ends up staying behind for dead and telling Ethan to find his daughter in the castle.
Ethan angrily yells “Why does everyone keep dying on me?!”
Right after he says that, my iPad suddenly rings out “Better them than me!” by Homer Simpson for “The Simpsons: Tapped Out” (the alert telling me that at least one of my characters just finished a task). Thanks for the vote of confidence, Homer.
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I discovered I had a ROM of Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles laying around, and decided to give it a run. Perhaps it’s just because I’m too spoiled by the game’s successors, but a lot of the difficulty I’m having would be mitigated if you could attack in any direction other than literally just straight ahead. It would certainly help against enemies that maneuver in such a way that they’re both too close for you to advance comfortably, yet somehow always just outside your attack range.
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Well…Jack is a bioweapon. Who knows how much mass he’s actually packing under that 6’2” old-man skin of his. Killing a dude with a mean right hook + a head stomp is something bioweapons like Jack Baker or Jake Mueller can do.
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