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Video Game General 2: Definitive/Remastered Edition

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At the very least play Megaman 2 or Megaman X
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While not a bad game, the first game is generally regarded as one of the weaker games in the original series and doesn’t hold up as well as other games.
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How many Mega Man games have you beaten? I’ve beaten 2, 3, X1, and X2.
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Stick close, and be a little greedy. He’s probably one of the few bosses that you can be a little greedy on. Speed is your friend with him.
Wait until the Blood Starved. Stock up on the blood throwables and molotov cocktails.
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After what they did to the remake of DaH, I’m pretty leery of what they’ll do with the remake of DaH 2; and no, I’m not just referring to when Crypto probe-rapes that girl in the second mission either.
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Beat the Square Machine (The 2nd Cossack boss), and on my first try. I’m getting really good at Mega Man games. Helps that I watched a review of Mega Man 4 that says you have to slide so you get inside one of the bosses.
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Either I’m getting really good at Mega Man games, or Mega Man games aren’t that hard.
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What happened?
The Sonic Twitter account did a Q&A with the voice actors of Sonic, Eggman, Shadow and the blue Wisp. Each answering the questions with audio of their character voices.
There was a “popular” user called Gamercage who gave them a question: “Who has the most massive L?”
That user is also infamous for… Something. I dont know honestly.
Thing is, this guy replied to one of Sonic’s twitter account tweets, and the account replied with this:
And everything exploded.
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From what I’ve read, Mega Man 1 hasn’t aged well, 2 and 3 are the peak of the series, 4 is good, and 5 and 6…exist.
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