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Blizzard continues to fuck up. Their new “bot detection” software are banning people farming gold in Classic WoW.
Specifically, an old trick is getting them banned. Long ago, during the time of The Burning Crusade, paladins got a huge buff. With prot pallys in particular being exceptionally tanky. Classic basically took every class “at their best” and made that the standard.
So an old gold farming trick, which was farming in the Stratholm dungeon (the city that Arthas purged in WC3) became standard for prot pallys due to their high AOE damage against undead entities.
But this is not the Blizz of old, and their “lets not pay our employees” mentality has extended into the banning world. Now, cheap algorithms determine who gets banned.
Blizzard is dead, and it’s not coming back.
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Kazuma Kiryu’s thing is that he’s a genius at fighting, right? What if he became a pro boxer?
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Fuck the Blizzard if today. In fact: fuck most AAA game devs and/or publishers. Few of them are as good as they were 10-15 years ago.
BTW, jokes on them. I bought my copy of Overwatch on G2A.com; possibly a pirate game key website.
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With all the shit hitting the fan for them, they probably don’t want to have people associate the franchise with them, lest they suffer a drop in sales for it. COD is a big seller, after all, no matter how crap they’ve been getting in recent years.
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