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Just 100% both the new God of War and Titanfall 2, going to move on to Death Stranding now.
not a day goes by where i don’t pray for a new Sly Cooper game.
Background Pony #315E
Greeeeat, just what I needed. Another Sony fanboy slammed in my face. Look, I’m not looking for more trouble than I already have, just don’t attack or any Nintendo fan and I’m not gonna bother you ok?
Background Pony #315E
What is my problem? What is my problem?! WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?! MY PROBLEM IS THAT I CAN’T EXPRESS ANYMORE MY LOVE FOR NINTENDO GAMES (even thought I’m retired, I’m talking mostly of old ones by the way) WITHOUT RISKING TO BE KICKED IN THE ASS FROM A RANDOM GUY. THAT’S MY PROBLEM.
Background Pony #315E
I just wanted to be sure he wasn’t another Sony fanboy who likes to insult people who like Nintendo games. That’s it. I just had enough of those guys.
Background Pony #315E
IT WAS A FAKE TROLLING OK? I just wanted to be sure to not having to deal with another guy like that here, and in order to be sure he wasn’t one of them I “tested” him. I wasn’t really attacking him. I admit that maybe my method was debatable maybe I should have asked him nicely “You don’t attack people who like Nintendo games right?”.
Look, I already told you: being a Nintendo fan in Italy really is a pain in the ass. I don’t want to have the same trouble I went throught in Italian forums here, so I just want to be sure to feel comfortable here. Ok?
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[screams in German]
@Background Pony #9C90  
That doesn’t make it better. This place is not whatever Italian forum you went to.
Fake or not, the effect was still real. We’re not in the Italian forums so stop that. Most of us are Nintendo fans and now you’re just ostracizing yourself out of paranoia.
Just… let it go. We’re people here.
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@Background Pony #9C90
Why do I get the feeling you’ve done these “”“tests””” before and its these “”“tests””” that are the reason you get flak and not just because you like Nintendo in front of people who like Sony.
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see shit like this is why i don’t fucking talk to you, it’s been like a week and you are already trying to start another dog pile like you did in the unpopular opinion thread, so we are fucking done, i won’t be giving you another chance,
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