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Well, I’m at least okay with how they’re monetizing MP. They’re going with the battle pass system, only without banking on the FOMO aspect of most battle passes.
They’re seeming to do a mix of the best of both Bungie and 343, which I’m mixed on. Sprinting is not as useful as before, it’s just a way to use slide, since you can shoot immediately after coming out of sprint. Clamber is much faster.
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Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt got released and now its getting downvoted because the developers had the brilliant idea to insert an anti-cheat spyware in the game
…And yes, its a chinese spyware.
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I’ve been playing WarioWare Get it together and I think it’s one of the best Nintendo games on the Switch. The character mechanics makes every match unpredictable, which makes it even more fun.
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Remember when Inafune left Capcom and there was a very real chance we’d never get another Mega Man game?
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Man I really want to buy the last 3 Coop commanders in Starcraft 2. But when I start to work up the nerve to I remember Blizzard’s toxic work environment and decide “nope”.
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