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@Lord WyrmSpawN
see. poeple that are to small brained to like this perfect games don’t like them like you get to kill them and people that good, noble and are big brain, cool and very handsome/pretty like me that like them both get to see the charater bounce of each other.
everybody wins.
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You’re gonna make me to start Mass Effect all over again with all these Mass Effect mentions. xD
Not that I’m complaining though. I think 1 and 2 are great, especially Mass Effect 2.
I’ve been playing the Legendary Edition recently, and after a couple of mods to fix the lingering bugs and the obnoxious FOV, it’s been great. The clunky dialogue, the dialogue wheel that forces you to second-guess the developer on occasion, the vendor trash, and the goofy cover system are all there and I love it. Despite the issues with the gameplay, the dialogue wheel, and paragade, it’s still my favourite Mass Effect, since it’s the one that actually feels like Mass Effect to me.
Once I’ve finished 1, I might (god forbid) give ME2 a spin; something I haven’t done in over a decade.
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Replaying Tales of Symphonia for the first time in a while and I almost forgot how much I was obsessed with this game in high school and how much I adored it. Top 3 gamecube game and top 3 JRPG for sure
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Even though I am a Sonic fan, I’m reluctant to buy it on Steam (especially at $40. Plus, I already have the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics versions.)
On the other hand, my Switch needs more Sonic love.
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