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I wish Bethesda cared about Oblivion as much as they do Skyrim and kept updating it.
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I heard they were going to make OW1 unplayable without OW2 since it was announced, but given the “Source” is Kotaku. I am somewhat Skeptical - however, Blizzard has been caught lying before though.
Blizzard: We’re not going to remove Skeletons from WoW.
Removes Skeletons from WoW
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I was not shocked to learn that one streamer who dropped like $16k on Diablo Immortal and then deleted the game was the same guy who hopped on the FFXIV bandwagon, dropped a load of money on boosts and then quit the game because the game is bad and it was other players’ fault he sucked.
More money than sense.
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