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While Partner showcases aren’t high bars(though the ones that showed MH Rise and NMH were great), this was easily the best one yet. While there was some games I was hoping to make an appearance(CoD MWR, FF Pixel Remaster, FFTactics, Goldeneye) there was plenty of great stuff here, both in terms of ports and new games. Portal shadowdropping, Persona and Megaman Battle Network were the biggest highlights for me
On the subject of Battle Network, we’re one step closer to Legends getting a collection
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NieR Automata getting a physical release for Switch has got people questioning why they did what they did with Kingdom Hearts Switch.
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Basically the best way to explain the Nier series is it’s predessor being Drakengard. In one of the endings of Drakengrad, the main protagonist destroys the population of Earth or something like that.
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Staves were a better pick because the Ebony staff has an insane enchant level of 90 only good spears were bitter mercy and storm forge granted storm forge was a easy to get one and I think you could get a demon spear for cheap at the shop in balmora
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Ah the Steam Summer sale. Half blessing Half Curse.
OOh its on sale… but now it has mixed reviews should I still gets.

Alright Dusty, back to the Alien Isolation discussion.
Ok, so maybe I can buy the Xeno shrugging off and only flinching from maybe quite a few shotgun rounds before it starts to actually die from it…
As this Bear tanking a direct shotgun blast would kinda support the idea a Xeno would be tough to take down for average Joes and Janes:
But why is the Flamethrower being on it for several seconds not a kill on the Xeno or at least cause it injuries to where it would cease hunting for a damn good while?
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It does? The flamethrower causes it to retreat. Hell shoot it mid-lunge and the xeno will only knock you over before it disappears.
Shoot, after scaring it off a few times with the flamethrower I once got it to stand still while aiming with it. IIRC, aiming slightly away from the xeno or stop looking down the sights caused it to slowly approach me. Then I switched weapons and it dashed right in for the kill.
That game’s xenomorph AI is impressive. It remembers the flamethrower.
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